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Welcome to GURPS Wild Weird West

This aN alternate history campaign set in the Old West in 1888, 18 years after the successful Ghost Dance. The Ghost Dance brought back magic, buffalo, dead Indians, mammoths, saber tooth tigers, and dinosaurs. Most just died again.

The party are Pinkerton dectectives working for JP Morgan-Tesla and face off against Rockafeller-Edison. The party is composed of “exceptional” humans, like “monsters”, gunslingers, mad scientists.

The campaign is going to be mainly Old West, but it is also Steampunk.

This world is part of the GURPS Infinate Words metaverse. It is an echo of Gernsback-1965. A world of rockets, flying cars, and free broadcast power. An optimistic future-past. The hope for this campaign is to push the world towards this utopia, back in 1888 when the future is uncertain.

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Home Page

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